Biblical Meaning of Yellow Eyes in Dreams

By Faith Way

Have you ever had a dream where someone had bright yellow eyes?

Dreams often contain meaningful symbols and images, and according to the Bible, the color yellow has significant symbolic meaning.

As a Christian, your dreams can be a way for God to communicate with you, guiding or warning you in your life’s journey.

So when yellow eyes appear in your dreams, it’s worth exploring the spiritual meaning behind them.

In the Bible, the color yellow is associated with both positive and negative meanings, from the golden lampstands in Revelation representing the churches and God’s glory, to the pale horse in Revelation representing death.

The specific shade of yellow and context in your dream can help determine the meaning.

Keep reading to uncover the biblical symbolism of yellow and what those mysterious yellow eyes in your dream could signify.

God may be sending you an important message.

The Symbolic Meaning of Eyes in the Bible

In the Bible, eyes are often used symbolically to represent spiritual insight, knowledge, and wisdom. As the window to the soul, our eyes express our inner thoughts, emotions, and spiritual state.

  • Yellow or golden eyes in dreams can represent God’s divine light shining through you, giving you wisdom, knowledge, and spiritual insight. It signifies an awakening of your spiritual senses and a connection with the Divine.
  • If the yellow eyes belong to another person in your dream, it may indicate that this individual has spiritual wisdom or knowledge to impart to you. Pay close attention to any messages or lessons they share.
  • Seeing yellow eyes in a dream can also represent your own intuition or inner light that is guiding you. Your soul knows the path ahead, even if you can’t see it clearly with your physical eyes. Have faith and trust in your inner wisdom.
  • Yellow eyes may appear in a dream as a warning to open your spiritual eyes to the truth or as a reminder not to be spiritually blind to what is right in front of you. There could be an important life lesson you need to learn or a truth you must see and accept.

Dreaming of yellow eyes carries deep spiritual meaning. It signifies spiritual awakening, wisdom, intuition and an ability to see beyond the surface. Listen for the messages your dreams are sending you and have faith in your inner light to guide you on your journey. Your soul knows the way.

Yellow Eyes as a Sign of Sickness or Disease in Dreams

If you’ve been dreaming of yellow eyes, it could be a warning sign from your subconscious. In the Bible, yellow eyes are often associated with sickness or disease.

Jaundice and Liver Problems

Dreams of yellow eyes may indicate you have an underlying health issue with your liver or gallbladder that needs attention. Jaundice, which causes a yellowing of the skin and eyes, is usually a sign that your liver isn’t functioning properly or your bile ducts are blocked. See your doctor right away for blood tests to check your liver function and health. The sooner you catch any problems, the better.

Your dream could also represent feelings of sickness in your life – whether physical, emotional or spiritual. Yellow eyes in dreams may signify that you feel “unclean” or troubled in some area. Ask God to reveal the source and to heal you, whether through medical care, counseling, or prayer.

Fear and Cowardice

In the Bible, yellow is associated with fear and cowardice. If someone in your dream has yellow eyes, it could signify that you feel fearful or cowardly about something in your waking life. Ask God for courage, and remember that “fear is the opposite of faith.” Replace fear with prayer and trust in the Lord.

Dreams of yellow eyes often serve as a warning to pay attention to your health and walk in faith. But don’t panic – God may use these dreams to prompt you to make positive changes and lead you to greater wellbeing and wholeness. Listen for His guidance and take comfort that He is with you.

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Yellow Eyes Representing Jealousy, Anger or Betrayal

When you dream about someone with yellow eyes, it can represent feelings of jealousy, anger or betrayal.


Seeing yellow eyes in a dream may indicate feelings of envy you have towards someone or something. The color yellow is often linked to jealousy. Think about who the person is in your dream and what they represent to you. Do you covet something they have? Are you worried about losing out on an opportunity because of them? Addressing issues of jealousy and learning to be content with what you have can help overcome this.


Dreaming of yellow eyes could also signify repressed anger or aggression that needs to be addressed. The color yellow is associated with warning and danger, just like the yellow and black of a wasp. Is there someone in your life provoking feelings of anger in you? Or are you angry with yourself over past mistakes or missed chances? It may be helpful to find healthy ways of releasing anger through exercise, art, music, or talking to someone you trust.


Seeing yellow eyes in a dream sometimes represents feelings of betrayal or deceit. Has someone close to you broken your trust recently? Betrayal is a deeply painful experience, so dreams about yellow eyes may be your mind’s way of working through those difficult emotions. Talking to others who have gone through similar experiences, or a counselor, can help you process betrayal in a healthy way. With time and distance, the hurt will fade, though you may be left with a reminder to guard your trust.

In summary, dreaming of someone with yellow eyes often signifies unresolved negative emotions that require acknowledgement and healing. By reflecting on the potential meanings, you can gain insight into your deepest feelings and find ways to move forward in a positive way.

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Yellow Eyes Symbolizing Demons or Evil Spirits in Dreams

If you dream of someone with yellow eyes, this could symbolize evil spirits or demons in a biblical sense. According to some interpretations, yellow eyes represent corruption or sickness in the spirit.

Jealousy and Envy

The color yellow is often associated with jealousy and envy. In your dream, the person with yellow eyes may represent these sinful attributes. Their yellow eyes are a sign that they are looking at you or your life with jealousy, envy or greed. This is a warning for you to guard against these evils.

Deception and Manipulation

Yellow eyes can also signify deception, cunningness and manipulation in dreams. The person with these eerie yellow eyes may be trying to deceive you or manipulate you for their gain. Be very careful of their true intentions and motives. Do not be easily swayed by their charming words or empty promises.

Unclean Spirits

In some biblical references, yellow eyes are a sign of unclean spirits or demons. Their yellow eyes represent the corruption and sickness in their spirits. This may be an indication that you need to cleanse yourself spiritually and stay away from their influence. Bind and rebuke any unclean spirits in the name of Jesus.

Illness and Disease

On a more literal level, yellow eyes can point to physical illness or disease. In your dream, the person with yellow eyes may be suffering from liver problems or other illnesses that cause yellowing of the eyes. This could be a warning for you to get a medical checkup. Your health and well-being may need some attention.

In summary, dreaming of someone with yellow eyes often carries negative and disturbing spiritual meanings. Be on high alert, guard your heart and mind, and do not hesitate to call on God for protection, guidance and deliverance from evil. With God on your side, no unclean spirit or work of the enemy can stand against you.

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How to Interpret Yellow Eyes in Dreams Biblically

Dreams are believed to be a way for God to communicate with us. Yellow eyes in a dream can have significant biblical meaning and symbolism. Here are some ways to interpret yellow eyes in your dreams from a biblical perspective:

A Warning

Seeing yellow eyes in a dream could be a warning from God about deception or jealousy. In the Bible, envy and jealousy are associated with the color yellow. The ‘green eye of jealousy’ is a metaphorical expression that links the color green, and by association yellow, with feelings of envy, greed, and covetousness. Yellow eyes in a dream may signify that someone close to you is deceitful or jealous. God could be cautioning you to be wary of their motives and watch out for betrayal.

Spiritual Vision

Alternatively, yellow eyes can represent spiritual vision or enlightenment. As yellow is a bright, illuminating color, seeing yellow eyes in a dream could indicate that God is giving you spiritual insight or a revelation. The eyes are the window to the soul, so yellow eyes symbolize gaining a deeper understanding or clarity about spiritual matters. God may be showing you something important that you need to see in order to progress on your faith journey.

A Call to Action

A dream of yellow eyes could also be a call from God to take action. The color yellow is associated with confidence, optimism and motivation. Yellow eyes in a dream may signify that God wants you to have courage and take a leap of faith. Perhaps there is something He is calling you to do that you have been hesitant about. This dream could be giving you the encouragement and motivation you need to step out in boldness.

In the end, you have to pray about the meaning of your dream and determine what God is saying to you personally. But these possible biblical interpretations of yellow eyes in dreams can provide guidance as you seek to understand the spiritual significance. May God give you wisdom and discernment!


So there you have it – the biblical meaning behind dreaming of yellow eyes. As you’ve seen, yellow eyes in dreams often symbolize jealousy, deceit or spiritual weakness according to biblical interpretations. The specific shade of yellow can also indicate the intensity or severity. While unsettling, these dreams serve as a warning from God to strengthen your faith and be on guard. The good news is you now have the insight to face these challenges and overcome them through prayer and spiritual growth. Sweet dreams tonight, and if you happen to see a pair of yellow eyes, you know exactly how to respond!

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