How Do I Know What God Wants Me to Do?

Written By DEXTER

Dexter is a pastor who enjoys reading and studying the Bible to inspire and empower others.

How Do I Know What God Wants Me to Do?

Feeling lost in life or not knowing how to make decision? We’ve all had these moments in life and it can be overwhelming. Oftentimes, especially during times of suffering, we can feel as though we may have lost God or He isn’t answering our prayers. However, there are different ways to interpret what God is trying to tell us, so we can know what God wants us to do.

In today’s world, many people focus too much on their own plans, that they don’t take the time to see what God may have in store. To be able to really understand and interpret what God is trying to tell us, we need to listen and be still. Prayer, meditation, and studying the Bible are important ways to connect to God on a spiritual level and to understand if there is a plan for us.

When we feel a tugging in our heart, an inner voice, or a whisper telling us something, it most likely can be God’s way of pointing us in the right direction. It is important to pay attention to the signs that He may be giving us and not ignore them. We must let go of our stress and fear, trust in God, and feel the assurance He has for us.

In terms of figuring out what God wants us to do in our careers, it is important to take the time to understand our talents and abilities. There could be paths or opportunities that we don’t even know exist yet. We should continue praying and searching for a deeper understanding. Listening to our heart and doing what makes us feel fulfilled and brings us joy, may be God’s way of telling us what He wants us to do in life.

Another way to establish what God wants us to do is by evaluating our passion. He uses our passion to keep us motivated and inspired. If you are questioning what to do, using our passion or finding our life calling can help us understand what He may be asking of us. Furthermore, it could be the key of understanding God’s plan for us.

In summary, to discover what God wants us to do may be a complex journey. Taking the time to connect with God using prayer, meditation, and studying His Word are essential. Additionally, paying attention to the signs He gives, evaluating our passions, and understanding our talents and abilities, can help us see God’s path for us.

Staying Connected

It all starts with developing a relationship with God, and cultivating our spiritual life. To stay spiritually connected and open to what God may want us to do, we need to take time out of our days and become still. We may not understand what God wants from a certain situation right away, which is why it is important to stay connected and be open. Making time for spiritual practices like prayer and meditation, and studying the Bible, can help us stay connected to God’s plan.

Asking for Guidance

Just as a child would ask parents for help and guidance, we can also reach out to God in the same way. Whenever we are feeling confused about decisions, God is always open to us asking for help. We can bring all of our worries and fears to Him, and He will listen. And if we stay open to hearing His response, He will provide us with guidance. Asking for assistance can be as simple as a prayer, or it can be done through journaling, meditation, or even writing out a list of questions.

Trusting in His Plan

Once we feel we’ve heard God’s voice telling us what we need to do in a particular situation, it’s important to trust in that guidance. We must believe that He has a plan for us, and that He will take us where we need to go. Never despair if we feel nothing is working out, because God knows the path before us. We must have faith that He will lead us according to His will.

Having Self-Awareness

It is also important to be honest with ourselves in determining what we truly want and to have and be able to really listen to the voice within. It is important to stay self-aware of to not get lost in our own plans, but to use the plan God has for us to keep us focused and motivated. When our heart, mind, and soul become one with God’s, then we can fully understand the direction He is taking us.