My Testimony

I was bad… I mean very bad 😕

It wasn’t always like this, at one point I was a gambling addict, compulsive lier, a “R” rated movie addict, and of a profane mouth.

My life was such a mess that at age 13, the family members I was living with at the time had enough of my dirty ways and discontinued their support towards me.

I then dropped out of school at age 14 and began roaming the streets.

At times I would take a bus and get off when the final traveler gets off… wherever that may be.

Of course, such a lifestyle for a 14 year old was heading for a certain disaster. But God had other plans.

I then moved from one set family members to another family member in another part of the country, but guess what? I was still the same old ungodly person. (It’s like taking the pig 🐖 from the mud but you can’t take the mud from the pig.)

The same vile, dishonest teenager. I was now 15 years old and picked up a new hobby… gambling.

Need not to say, eventually this new family member got fed-up and had enough of me and I had to leave.

But God still had his eyes on me. And fortunately, another family friend in that same region (in Guyana 🇬🇾) took me in.

But I didn’t change, I got progressive worse. I would gamble every cent of the monthly support money my dad would send for my upkeep.

When my money ran out I stole, and even sold valuable items like jewelry belonging to persons in the house… all to waste it on gambling.

Gambling was such a devil 😈 that at one time I told my dad I was robbed after I gambled and lost all the money he had spent me to get some stuff done.

Again, God had other plans, it was as if he was silently waiting in the background for me to call on him, and thankfully I did.

But how did it all unfolded? I suddenly wanted to commit suicide because I was finally fed-up with my life.

Many days I would hold a knife to my chest and concluded in my mind that it would be the best thing to do if I take my life since it wouldn’t matter much to anyone whether I live or die. At least that’s what I thought.

I mean how much worse can my life gets? “Suck in one class for three years in secondary school, harassed by evil spirits at nights, and dead loss about life.”


Finally I met God. I was convict. Right at home, I didn’t went to a church service or someone spoke to me about God. The spirit of God met me the same way Jesus met Saul on his way to Damascus and convicted me.

God saved me on that day, I received Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.

Now sixteen years later and I am still madly in love with our Lord.

As such, my goal with this blog is to help you find and deepen your relationshipwith God Almighty.

I have learnt a lot of principles, tips, and many other teaching that I believe can be of help and a great blessing to you.

I am still not perfect, but together we can walk this journey of faith and grow together.

I am a Simple Guy that Absolutely Love the Lord!

Now that I am a believer of our Lord I am easy going, love the Lord and willing to share what I know that can help others live a victorious, fruitful life here on earth.

You can ask me any question relative to our faith journey and I will gladly reply. I believe we can learn from each other, no one is an Island by themselves, so let’s do this.

Here you will discover the Transformative Power of Faith

At FaithWay, my mission is simple, reveal God through my writing to help you grow and nurture your faith in God.

My love for God and passion for sharing His love and teachings of the Lord has inspired the creation of this platform, I want to help you.

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