Spiritual Meaning of Jail in Dream

By Faith Way

Jailing of a person in dream is an ordinary but a mutable situation. It invites questions and soul-searching concerning what an individual has been involved in and the spiritual message that the dream-jail could impart.

Spiritual Meaning of Jail in Dream

Dreams involving jails often refer to a spiritual difficulty rather than physical, requiring someone to overcome an obstacle or awaken to a higher level of understanding. A spiritual or ‘inner’ jail could imply a state of imprisonment or a situation where a person is struggling to move on in life and unable to express freedom.

The dream could represent feeling trapped, having no freedom or feeling stuck on a certain path in life. It could also refer to a feeling of disconnection from what is Godly, moral or supportive. It could additionally point to boundaries the dreamer has set upon themselves or that which has been set upon them by others. The offender or victim in the dream can indicate which of these is at play.

Dreaming of jail may also indicate guilt for something done wrong, for which an individual is not at peace. It can be associated with signs of dread and fear, the feeling of restriction or upcoming punishment. It can furthermore signal feelings of being targeted for something, finding an idea or a goal a dreamer is striving for disliked by someone else in the dream of jail.

Dreams often carry symbolism and clues that can be unlocked in order to help us understand what we are truly dealing with. Jails for example are often related to old experiences, the dreamer’s perception and environment. It may also bear hints about the number of years, people or situations the dreamer is associated with.

Dreaming about being incarcerated and then escaping can have several meanings. It could represent regaining control over a situation again or a desire for yet unbounded freedom. It could also represent someone feeling liberated from a situation, burden or emotion placed upon them. Fleeing or busting out of jail could also imply the overcoming of something or someone formerly holding back the dreamer’s progress.

In conclusion, jail in a dream can refer to a spiritual obstacle requiring more self-reflection on the part of the dreamer. It also offers insights about what a person is dealing with in reality and how best to move on in these situations.


Dreams of being freed from inside a jail can represent awakening to freedom from something in daily life. It can refer to freedom of expression, freedom of choice, freedom from a given debt or a situation. It can also imply emotional or spiritual liberation from something or someone. Dreams involving jail and freedom can thus offer signals that a person is now free to be who they really are or do what they truly want. It can also imply being liberated from stresses or some form of confinement and generally able to experience one’s full potential.

Inner Strength

dream jails can in some instances signify the need to possess the strength necessary to overcome a spiritual obstacle or issue. When a person dreams of being stuck in jail it could represent the need for inner strength or faith to move forward and be liberated. It could also indicate the need to take hold of freedom, confront whatever difficulty or hurdle and begin making progress again. If one has little in the way of spiritual faith, counseling from trusted sources may be required in order to break free.

Merging of Opposing Forces

Dreams of jail can in some cases refer to a combining of opposing forces in the dreamer’s life. It is an indication that one needs to combine certain elements in order to achieve progress. This could represent a personal desire for integration, such as balancing or merging several aspects of one’ self. It could similarly signify the need to reconcile two parts of a person’s life or bring two aspects of self-might conflict into harmony.

Unearthing Negative Attitude

Dreams of the jail could also imply that the dreamer is wishing to shield out something or someone. It could be a signal of negative thinking habits or that certain beliefs and issues need to be addressed. It could additionally point to feelings of being accused by another, or an attitude that someone has which is not resolved yet. Such imagery may suggest a desire to move on from an issue in some way, requiring a person to reflect more deeply and embrace positive thoughts.


Dreams of the jail could also relate to situations in which one is feeling immobilized because of fear. It could refer to a person’s feelings of limitation, pressure and being out of control. It can suggest jumping to rash conclusions or potentially needing more patience or clarity in order to move on. The jail could stand for difficulty dreaming, struggling with making decisions or holding back progress. But it could also suggest that if one is patient enough, all questions and difficulties can be worked out and progress can be made again.

Overcoming Struggles

Dreams of jail can in some cases point to spiritual healing or the ability to overcome and heal from some sort of difficulty. It can signify being released from negative thought patterns that have been holding one back. It could also represent the work of healing which is being performed in order to progress and rise above whatever is restricting the dreamer’s true potential.

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