What does Jesus say About Marriage?

Written By DEXTER

Dexter is a pastor who enjoys reading and studying the Bible to inspire and empower others.

What does Jesus say About Marriage?

Marriage is a sacred commitment between a man and a woman for life. Jesus says a great deal about marriage, as He places it at the heart of His purpose for our lives. But what does Jesus say about marriage specifically? Let’s take a look!

First and foremost, Jesus stresses the importance of marriage, not just in a religious sense, but also in a practical sense. He tells us that marriage is for a lifetime and is a union between a man and a woman. He also teaches that God designed marriage in order for it to be a loving and successful partnership based on mutual respect.

Jesus also speaks of the value of commitment in marriage. He encourages us to remain faithful to our spouse, no matter the challenges that arise, and to stay committed to them through thick and thin. He also speaks highly of the importance of patience, kindness, and forgiveness in marriage, virtues which contribute to an even healthier relationship.

Moreover, Jesus speaks of the lesson that can be learned from every marriage. Whether it is a marriage of joy and peace or one of pain and hardship, Jesus ultimately teaches us that marriage is a living example of God’s unconditional love, and that it’s a reminder of how our lives should be lived.

Finally, Jesus reminds us that marriage is not just an earthly agreement but a divine union, and can only truly thrive if God is the center of it. He understands the divine love that marriage is meant to be, and He also knows the pain that can come from broken promises and broken hearts. For this reason, Jesus encourages us to put God in the center of our marriages and to strive for selfless love in our relationships.

Communication and Respect

Communication is an essential component of a successful marriage, and Jesus recognized this. He teaches us how to converse with respect and kindness, and how to build healthier relationships through open and honest conversations. Jesus also reminds us to listen carefully and with compassion, allowing us to build bridges of understanding between us and our partner.

Jesus also goes on to talk about the necessity of understanding in a marriage. He encourages couples to learn more about each other’s needs, hopes, desires and dreams and to develop an understanding of their emotional and spiritual needs. A clearer understanding of a couple’s strengths and weaknesses can also lead to deeper and more meaningful conversations, and to more satisfying relationships.

Finally, Jesus speaks of the importance of humility in marriage. He says that when there is humility, there can be a greater understanding of our spouse and their feeligns, as well as an appreciation of their point of view and perspective. Going the extra mile to understand each other is not only beneficial to us but also to our marriage.

Love and Trust

In addition to communication and understanding, Jesus also speaks of the need for love and trust in a marriage. He says that true love is unconditional and that it’s not about physical attraction or some romantic notion, but rather about knowing and respecting each other and being able to rely on one another. Jesus reminds us that when we express our love and trust to our partners, we are also expressing our commitment and faith, and allowing us to open our hearts to each other.

Jesus also speaks of the difficulty of trusting others, especially our partner. He encourages us to have faith and confidence in each other and to be willing to be vulnerable in order to deepen our love and understanding for each other. Jesus also encourages us to show compassion and understanding when trust has been broken, so that we can re-establish a sense of closeness in our marriage.

Moreover, Jesus talks about the importance of avoiding destructive behaviors which can easily bring harm to our marriage and to our relationship. He speaks of the need to protect each other, to forgive mistakes and to be open and honest in communication in order to rebuild a trust and intimacy that was harmed.

Finally, Jesus reminds us that when we practice love and trust in our marriage, we create an environment of respect, cooperation, and growth. He encourages us to continue building a strong and healthy marriage based on open communication, mutual understanding, and trust, all of which will ultimately allow for us to enjoy a lifelong love.

Sacrifice and Forgiveness

Aside from love and trust, Jesus also speaks of the importance of sacrifice and forgiveness in marriage. He speaks of the need for both partners to make sacrifices for each other, both large and small, in order to ensure the longevity of their relationship. He also encourages us to remember to be generous and thoughtful when making sacrifices for our spouse.

Moreover, Jesus reminds us that forgiveness is essential in a marriage. In any marriage, there will be feelings hurt and wrongs, and Jesus encourages us to forgive each other and to show mercy when addressing any issues in our relationship. Forgiveness not only frees us from resentment and pain, but it also brings us closer to Jesus’ teachings of unconditional love.

Furthermore, Jesus reminds us how important it is to be selfless in our marriages. He encourages us to give up things that bring us pleasure in order to help out our spouses if needed. Jesus even went so far as to sacrifice his own life for us, setting an example for us of unconditional love and self-sacrifice.

Finally, Jesus tells us that nothing is impossible when we show love and forgiveness in our marriages. He reminds us that true love is powerful and enduring and can even overcome the most challenging of times and any wrongs that have been done.


To sum up, Jesus speaks of the importance of marriage and what it takes to create a successful and lasting relationship. He reminds us of the need for communication, understanding, love, trust, sacrifice and forgiveness. He also encourages us to make God the center of our marriages, as He is the source of our love and desires for us to be in healthy and fulfilling unions with one another.