What does the Bible say about Dreams and Visions?

Written By DEXTER

Dexter is a pastor who enjoys reading and studying the Bible to inspire and empower others.

The Bible is full of stories involving dreams and visions, many of which were integral to the guidance and instruction of its characters. By understanding what these different dreams and visions mean, we can gain insight into our own dreaming and its purpose.

What does the Bible say about Dreams and Visions?

Dreams and visions offer unique and personal forms of communication from an unseen source, and can be invaluable in many areas of life. Dreams can provide deep spiritual insights, as well as material blessings and warnings. Although dream and vision interpretation can be difficult, the Bible provides us with a few key principles for a deeper understanding.

One principle taught in the Bible is that all dreams and visions must be interpreted according to God’s Word. When Joseph properly interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams, it was due to his humble willingness to listen to and interpret the Word of God (Genesis 41:38). We must also take prayerful consideration and be adhering to the teachings of Scripture while interpreting for ourselves and others.

The Bible also teaches us that dreams and visions often contain messages of warning, revelation or instruction from God. Examples include the dreams of Joseph’s brothers and Pharaoh’s dream of the seven fat and seven lean cows, or the vision of Saul’s attendant (1 Samuel 28). These dreams and visions served as reminders to the characters, and can do the same for us. God often warns us before hardship is to come, and His warnings should be heeded to stop us from getting into difficult situations.

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We also learn that dreams can serve as a vehicle for divine encouragement, guidance, understanding, and instruction. For example, in the story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife, it was Joseph’s dream that revealed the true strength of his character (Genesis 37). In other cases, it might be a dream that encourages us to remain faithful in an undertaking, or reveals a pathway to purpose and success. We cannot underestimate the power of dreams and visions to open up and offer us greater insight into our lives.

Finally, the Bible teaches that dreams can give us deeper understanding of our own spiritual experiences. In the Book of Revelation, John experienced a powerful dreamlike vision as part of his devastating yet inspiring encounter with God. The sight he experienced was overwhelming and yet filled with prophetic insight, teaching him about the greatness of God and His glory (Revelation 1:13-20). What great comfort and encouragement it must have been to him! Such dreams and visions can bring us closer to God and our own spiritual purposes.

Dreams Can Indicate Connections and Disconnections

Dreams can be a powerful indicator of connection and disconnection- both with ourselves and our environment. They may indicate when something in our life no longer serves us or when it is time to try something new. As we learn to interpret our dreams’ symbolism, we can become aware of how to make effective, beneficial changes in our lives. Dreams become more meaningful as we learn to decode their messages, often speaking of our mental, physical or spiritual responses to our life’s task.

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Dreams May Offer Prophetic Insights

The Bible also speaks of prophetic dreams and visions. These are dreams predicting future events- such as Daniel’s dream of four beasts (Daniel 7:3-7). While prophetic dreams are a powerful and sought-after type of dream, the Bible encourages us to judge any dream or vision according the knowledge of Scripture. Whether we seek prophetic insight or not, it is important to remember that God speaks to us through a variety of differing methods.

Understanding Our Own Dreams

Dreams can be mysterious, but the Bible offers insight and context for understanding their meanings. By firmly grounding ourselves in Scripture, we can interpret our own dreams and visions to gain insight that will help us direct our lives. Since dreams and visions are often unique in origin, it is important to prayerfully evaluate and further research any dream’s meaning before making life decisions.

Dreams as Insights Into Our Spiritual Lives

In the Bible, dreams are particularly important when understanding our spiritual lives. Dreams and visions often provide unique sources of clarity regarding our purpose and direction. They can serve to instruct, as well as provide profound enjoyment or encouragement. God speaks to us in many different ways- dreams being among the most potent and effective. By considering the messages of dreams and visions with the guidance of Scripture, we gain insight into our spiritual lives and God’s will for us.