What does the Bible say about Kissing? Kjv

Written By DEXTER

Dexter is a pastor who enjoys reading and studying the Bible to inspire and empower others.

Have you ever wondered what sort of advice the Bible has for us when it comes to the act of kissing?

For many cultures, kissing is a way to show love and affection, but is it always appropriate in the eyes of the Lord?

The Bible doesn’t go into great detail about kissing, though it does make mention of it quite a few times.

In the Old Testament book of Ruth, it is mentioned that Ruth gave her mother-in-law Naomi “a Kiss of devotion” when they had been separated for many years. (Ruth 1: 9).

In Song of Solomon we see numerous references of a romantic kiss being shared. This book is full of expressions of romantic love, and kissing is a way to express it. (Song of Solomon 1: 2, 8: 1).

The Bible also mentions examples of negative kisses. Judas, one of the disciples of Jesus, gave Jesus a kiss of betrayal. (Luke 22: 48). It was a kiss of peace that was anything but.

Throughout Scripture, we can see that the Bible does not give a definitive answer as to whether or not kissing is appropriate or not. It is up to us to use discernment when it comes to it.

We need to consider the situation and ask ourselves if our actions are in line with Biblical principles.

In general, the Bible does not prohibit kissing between a husband and a wife. It is often used to celebrate their love.

In addition, a kiss can be a way to express friendship, or blessed greetings among believers.

Kissing can also be used to give support and comfort. It is a way to say goodbye, similar to a hug.

It is important to remember that when it comes to physical contact within the boundaries of marriage, there is no explicit prohibition in Scripture.

In the end, our actions have to be motivated by love, and be reflective of our relationship to God. The Bible does encourage us to live with discretion and caution.

Determine What’s Right & Wrong

When it comes to determining what may be right or wrong in a particular situation, it is important to apply biblical principles to the situation. Is the kiss motivated by selfish desires or is it a genuine expression of love? It is important to consider the situation and act with caution. We should think through our actions and not rush into them.

When considering physical contact, there are some Biblical rules that we can keep in mind. It is important to keep in mind to maintain modesty and remain pure before God. We should also remain respectful and remember that physical contact between any two people is not necessary. We should also consider if the physical contact is something that strengthens or hinders our relationship with God.

It is also important to remember that if a kiss is coming from a dangerous or deceptive source, we should leave. We should never stay in an unsafe situation or one that is not in-line with biblical principles. We should always remember that we are children of God and should take care to meet up with the standards that God has set.

Seek Wisdom

When dealing with physical contact, it can be hard to know what to do and when. We should never be afraid to ask for advice and seek counsel when it comes to matters of the heart. As the Bible says, “Where there is no counsel, the people fall; But in the multitude of counselors there is safety” (Proverbs 11:14).

We can look to other believers who are mature and possess godly wisdom. Asking someone who knows both the Word and us can be beneficial, as they can help us apply biblical principles to our unique situations. They can also help us spot any potential areas of temptation.

We should also look to God’s Word for wisdom and direction. When we don’t understand something, praying for wisdom is a great course of action! (James 1:5). With God’s help, we can make wise choices and be a good reflection of His character in the way we interact with people.

Make Wise Decisions

When it comes to physical contact, we must remember to act with wisdom. We should consider the situation before we act and make sure our motivations are pure. We should choose our actions carefully and be sure to keep God’s teachings and standards in mind. God’s Word is there to protect us, and we can trust Him to lead us.

The Bible gives us guidelines for every area of life, including how to act in romantic relationships. When we follow its principles, we can trust God to lead us and bring joy in the way that He designed us to experience it. We can also live full and abundant lives, when we honor Him with our decisions.

Finally, we should ask God to help us to discern His truth in every situation. If we seek God first and look to His Word, we can trust that He will lead us down the right path. His Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path, and He can give us the guidance and wisdom to make the right decisions. (Proverbs 15:19).

Stay in the Will of God

The Bible teaches us that when we seek the Lord and stay in His will, He will protect us, provide for us, and teach us. We can trust in Him to guide us in our relationships and understand that we can rely on Him for direction. God loves us and wants to give us joy and satisfaction, and He will do that if we make wise choices and live according to His Word.

The Bible does not explicitly say that kissing is wrong, but it does mention that we should stay away from sexual immorality. It is important to consider the situation and ask ourselves if our actions are motivated by God’s standards. We need to remember that it is ultimately up to us to use discernment and follow the principles set out in the Bible.

Physical contact within the boundaries of a committed, monogamous marriage is often encouraged by the Bible as a way to express and demonstrate love for one another. However, we should always be mindful of our motivations and ensure that we remain in the will of God. We should make sure our actions make us a good example of his love.

Stay Pure Before God

The Bible also encourages us to live pure lives and remain respectful,since sexual immorality is a sin in the eyes of God.

We need to remember that physical contact is often reserved for a husband and his wife, and it is a way to express love.

However, it is important to be mindful of the situation and make sure that any physical contact is motivated by true love and godly values.

We should also develop good boundaries with the opposite sex. We need to keep a safe distance and use discretion when it comes to any physical contact outside of marriage.

A kiss, even a platonic one, can often be interpreted as more than just friendship.

We should look to protect our hearts and remember the affect even a simple act such as a kiss can have.

It is important to remember that physical contact should be within the boundaries that God has set forth.

We must use wisdom and remain reverent in our exchanges with others. We need to remember that true lasting joy is found when we conduct our relationships according to God’s plan.