What does the Bible say about Patience a Gift of Service?

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The Bible speaks with deep understanding the importance of patience. According to Romans, “Love is patient,” (12:12). Patience is an integral component of love. A person who is quick to lose temper might still be sincere and can genuinely care for another person. However, unless they have patience to maintain the relationship, their temper would inevitably render them ineffective to use love as a service to others.

What does the Bible say about Patience a Gift of Service?

According to James, “God’s perfect law is totally pure. It gives us new strength. It shows us how to do what is right, good, and fair. It reveals that the law of the Lord is perfect, and it gives us back our hope. It shows us how to endure without giving up, even when we have to be patient” (5:7-8). Patience, or the ability to wait for one’s desired outcome is a gift from God. Patience is a gift that will not only encourage us to perform services for another but also sustain this service for the long run.

Patience is a powerful tool in loving service. Patience is understanding. It helps us see beyond our own perspectives and be more perceptive with our understanding of others. Patience has a calming effect on us, too, allowing us to remain unflappable in certain situations. Consequently, patience allows us to act with sensibility and flexibility. It gives us enough time to construct positive solutions to our problems. It gives us the ability to act with empathy and compassion. Finally, patience gives us the humility to forgive and let go of our arguments.

Not only is patience useful for love and service, it is also necessary. It is important for us to patiently listen to another’s perspective before interjecting our own. It is also important for us to be patient with one another so we can work out differences harmoniously. Moreover, it is essential to have patience with consequences of any action that we may have taken. Patience enables us to stay sober and remain focused in such situations.

The Bible informs us that, though patience is a gift, the trait itself is not a given. It needs to be learned and practiced with diligent effort. We can refine and strengthen our patience by mediating on His word and applying it in our daily life. As we continue to learn patience, it will form part of our character and become fundamental element in our way of life.

The Bible also informs us, “Whoever is patient has great understanding, but one who is easily angered displays folly” (Proverbs 14:29). Patience grants us the privilege to see, feel and think in ways that we would have otherwise missed out on. With patience, we can consider multiple viewpoints and demonstrate tolerance, thereby engaging ourselves in an enriching dialogue. With consistent efforts, patience can be a stepping stone to great success.

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Wisdom Gained from Patience

Patience can bring us wisdom. Without patience, our behaviour may fall into the trap of quick decisions instead of understanding. This could lead to missing out on opportunities due to misjudgment. Alternatively, a lack of patience could persist in unnecessary trouble, due to impulsiveness. Furthermore, it is easier to take advantage of those who are short-tempered. For these reasons, patience can lead to greater wisdom.

Patience also plays a crucial role in cultivating a character full of gentleness and kindness, which can lead to greater wisdom. We will gain wisdom merely by being around those who treat us with patience. Therefore, patience can be a bridge of connection that will bring us to a better understanding. Consequently, we will gain insight and wisdom from patience.

Patience can also steward wisdom. Proverbs 19:12-13 says, “The king may show that he is angry but he should not be quick to punish. For a person may be punished in a way that goes beyond justice. How can anyone be justified who punishes a person and then destroys all hope?” Patience allows us to weigh our decisions in keeping with justice. Patience allows us to gather more information, think through and consider the consequences of our actions. All of these actions play a part in stewarding wisdom.

Finally, patience will present us with greater opportunities. Patience will calm our heart and mind to give us the space to think about delicate matters. Some situations require more time and with more patience; it is easier to act with discretion, without haste. This will present us with more opportunities and increased possibilities of success.

A Great Reward from Patience

Patience comes with great reward. Isaiah 40:31 tells us, “But those who wait for the Lord’s help find renewed strength; they rise up as if they had eagles’ wings, they run without growing weary, they walk without getting tired.” When we experience moments of fatigue, we can trust that God’s grace will sustain the challenges of that moment. Through patience, we will look to God and find a renewed grace and strength which will be more than enough to get through that moment.

As we experience increased moments of patience, the Lord rewards us with a long-term spiritual gift. Patience brings inner peace and faith, which removes worries, fears, and anxieties. Patience strengthens us spiritually from within. Not only will our relationship with God be strengthened, but it also gives our mind and soul a sense of rest. Therefore, patience will bring us peace and tranquillity from within.

Moreover, with patience, the Lord will completely strengthen and renew us when we pass through trials and tribulations. Patience provides us with an assurance and hope beyond the physical realm — an assurance and hope that only God can provide. Because of this, we can’t help but be filled with joy, trusting that the Lord will bring us through anything. Ultimately, patience will bring us assurance and joy, that will last for eternity.

Final Words

In conclusion, patience is a gift from God which gives us amazing opportunities and rewards. It strengthens our spiritual being and provides us greater wisdom. And most importantly, patience gives us the capacity to use love as a service to others. Patience is truly a blessing that should be nurtured, practiced and preserved.

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