what does the bible say about women

Written By DEXTER

Dexter is a pastor who enjoys reading and studying the Bible to inspire and empower others.

The Bible clearly affirms the dignity, worth, and unique spiritual abilities that God has given to women. Because of this, many Christians today recognize the equality, privilege, and freedom that women have been given in regards to family, civil, and religious life. In the Old Testament, we see exemplary women who served God faithfully and were His examples of faith, obedience, and strength. From Huldah the prophetess, Deborah the judge, Rahab the harlot, Abigail the savior to Tamar the incest survivor, each of these women were remarkable in their own ways.

The Bible speaks boldly on behalf of women’s rights, calling for respect and advocacy in a world that often disregards women. The New Testament clearly states that men and women are equal in status and that neither is superior to the other. Jesus, throughout the Gospels, demonstrates a calm and gentle attitude towards women and, quite interestingly, defies the religious customs of His time by speaking to an adulterous woman.

The Bible doesn’t stop at involving women solely as encouraging characters; it goes further to promote them in leadership roles. According to the Old Testament, women were to be treated justly and fairly in the society. Women held positions of authority and respect, such as Deborah who served as a judge in the tribal court system, and women were also ordained to minister in the house of God. Miriam, Prophetess of Israel, led the women in song and worship after they had been set free from slavery in Egypt.

When reading about Mary, the mother of Jesus, we find that a woman’s role is paramount. We are encouraged to pay attention to what Mary had to say and experience as she was willing to follow God’s will even though it did not always make sense. She was driven by faith and love; she followed prophecies and accepted her son as the Saviour of the world.

The narrative of the Bible reveals the beauty of the personhood of women and the respect they are to receive due to their identity and position in the church. In each story, we learn about a culture that strongly valued a woman’s individual contributions. Women were expected to participate and demonstrate their trust in God, drawing from wisdom as the Creator intended. In the New Testament, women are called to rise up as spiritual leaders and representatives of the faith.

The Bible also speaks of the leadership roles that women can exercise in gospel ministry. Women are to take active, responsible roles in the church, acting and teaching in obedience and reverence to the Lord. This is evidenced by the wisdom of Jesus, and the accounts of His interactions with women that are specifically mentioned in the Bible. Women are called to use their gifts, whatever they may be, to serve God and His people.

All of these passages, and many more, point to the fundamental truth that the Bible celebrates the worth and dignity of women. From the matriarchs of the Old Testament to the church age women of the New, women are regarded as blessed of God, and equal in worth and honor. Women have been granted some of the highest callings under God, from motherhood to spiritual leadership, and the Bible speaks to their unique, irreplaceable role in the church.

The Women of the Bible

The Bible contains numerous remarkable stories of women’s dedication to God and His people. We can learn about brave, courageous women such as Esther and Ruth who faced difficult situations but chose to remain faithful to their beliefs. Through their stories, we can discover the power of faith and how the Lord works in our lives when everything is in chaos. It is these stories that we must cherish in our hearts and never forget.

The Bible also contains a treasury of wisdom for young women today. The Proverbs book, especially, offers guidance for young ladies and immerses us into the heart of God. Young women are called to live wisely and seek to honour and serve the Lord with a spirit of humility and purity.

The stories of various biblical women demonstrate the importance of being strong, but also being gentle; of having a heart of submission, but also standing up for what is right even when the odds are against you; and of having faith even when the path becomes too difficult to bear.

The Bible encourages women to be strong and courageous warriors for justice. We are called to stand up against evil and fight for what is right, while still keeping a spirit of humility and submission. We are called to speak up for the voiceless, and never tire of performing good deeds and charity. We can become fiery messengers of God and strive for leadership in a world filled with darkness and despair.

The Bible also admonishes women to stay true to their faith. In John 9:2-7, we read the account of Jesus healing a blind man. Throughout the story, Jesus speaks of how he did not create the man’s blindness, but instead uses it as a means to display His glory and power. In much the same way, God could have used the struggles and hardships of women to demonstrate His glory, and to show us that the path of faith is difficult but rewarding.

The Bible is full of powerful examples of strong, dynamic women who followed God’s will and pushed through the darkness to become His messengers. As we celebrate the courage, faith, and dedication of these women, may we also be moved to emulate their spirit and strive to be strong in the Lord. May we have the faith to challenge the status quo and boldly proclaim His truth, in season and out.

Women in Leadership Roles

In the Bible we are encouraged to look to our female peers as potential leaders. In the New Testament, we further see the importance of female leadership when we read of prominent female figures such as Mary Magdalene, Priscilla, Junia, and Chloe. These women exercised authority in the early church, and it is clear from the scriptures that they were held in high regard by other members of the body.

The current struggle for women’s leadership roles exists due to the failure of biblical literature to address this issue. Yet, the Bible gives us ample examples of female leaders whose actions are commended. Women are described as being strong, wise teachers, and some were even given the authority to settle disputes. Knowing this should spur us on to allow and equip women to have a greater role in our churches and communities.

We can learn from the examples of women in the Bible and see that they always sought God for guidance and direction. We must learn to recognize and use our gifts, skills, and abilities with the confidence that comes from knowing that God has equipped us for a unique and specific mission. We must reject the notion that God does not call women to lead and strive to use our God-given talents for His glory.

The Bible also speaks specifically to women about how they should behave and act in the church and in society. We are encouraged to be modest and humble, to serve, and to pursue others in love and truth. As women, it is our responsibility to use our words and actions wisely, and to leave a positive legacy that points others to Jesus.

We are all uniquely equipped with the gifts and abilities needed to be effective leaders in our churches, communities, and throughout the world. As women leaders, we must lead with courage, compassion, and faith and rise to serve the very mission of God. By recognizing the equal worth of women in a godly leadership role, we can ensure that the gospel we preach is one that echoes the heart of Christ.

Motherhood in the Bible

Motherhood is a precious gift from God, and He has given us many examples of women who were wonderful examples of mothers in the Bible. We can learn from the example of Hannah, who hoped and prayed for a son and declared him to be dedicated to the service of God. We can learn from the example of Naomi and Ruth, who sacrificed for their children and grieved deeply when their life together ended. We can learn from the example of Hannah, which is a beautiful picture of the joy and fulfillment of being a godly mother.

The Bible also speaks specifically to mothers, encouraging them to nurture their children with love and kindness. In Proverbs 31, we read of a beautiful picture of motherhood and are reminded that mothers should be strong and compassionate while teaching their children about the ways of the Lord. We can read of the honor and responsibility that come with being a mother, and we can be filled with admiration and love for the woman who mothered Christ, Mary.

The Bible also speaks of the powerful encouragement that mothers can have on their children. In those times when we are feeling discouraged and lost, we can be reminded that our mothers have a special ability to encourage us in our paths and fill us with strength and hope. In Proverbs 22: 6, we read that “train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

The Bible touches on so many aspects of motherhood, reminding us of the beauty and honor that come with it. We can all learn from the examples of the biblical women and strive to emulate their faith, love, courage, and commitment.


The Bible speaks strongly about the beauty, worth, and honor that is due to women, and encourages them to use their God-given authority and gifts for His glory. The stories of the significant women of the Bible remind us of their courage, faith, and dedication to God. We can learn from the example of motherhood, which is a heroic and honorable task, and remember that our mothers have a special ability to encourage us in our paths and fill us with strength and hope.