What Jesus Accomplished at the Cross?

Written By DEXTER

Dexter is a pastor who enjoys reading and studying the Bible to inspire and empower others.

What Jesus Accomplished at the Cross?

What did Jesus accomplish at the Cross? That is, perhaps, one of the greatest questions in the history of Christianity. Jesus’ death on the cross marks the ultimate sacrifice, one that ushered in a new era of hope and redemption.

He paid the ultimate price for us, a price we could never pay. Through Him, we have a gift of new life, free from sin and full of grace. His death was not in vain and the power of what He accomplished that day lives on today.

When He said, “It is finished,” or “tetelestai,” He accomplished a number of things. He paid the penalty for our sins, reuniting us with the Father, breaking through the division between us and God that Adam’s fall had caused. The veil in the temple was torn from top to bottom, signaling the elimination of the need for animal sacrifice and instead, the offering of Himself.

Furthermore, He declared victory over death. That doesn’t mean we’ll never die; it means death has lost its sting. It is no longer a one-way ticket to Hell, but rather a bridge to Heaven. He conquered death, so that we may live.

By dying for us He showed us what true love looks like. He showed us that we are worth dying for, that our lives are precious and our souls are valuable. He showed us that we don’t have to don a cape to be a superhero, but rather, we need to be willing to lay down our lives for the people around us.

Jesus showed us that our purpose in life is to bring Him glory. He is worthy of our praise no matter what, and He has saved us an eternity of punishment just to show us how much He loves us. We can stand in awe of Him knowing that Jesus’ actions two thousand years ago still impact us daily.

Heaven and earth rejoice in what Jesus accomplished at the Cross. His mission was complete, our redemption was secured, and we were left with a priceless gift – the freedom and hope found in redemption. That gift awaits us all, if we choose to accept it.

His Sacrifice

When Jesus died on the cross, He made the ultimate sacrifice. He paid the price for our sins, and through His death we have redemption in the eyes of God. His death brought us peace, joy, and hope, and His resurrection signified the victory of life over death. By pouring out His own blood, Jesus was able to wash away our sins and heal our brokenness.

The Cross brought us a new life – one that is rooted in the hope of eternal glory. Jesus showed us that He is willing to lay down His life for us. No longer do we have to fear death – Jesus made a way through the darkness, and showed us the light of His love. His sacrifice opened the door to Heaven, and through Him, we can all find a new home eternally in Heaven.

Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice was not only for us, but also for the Father. He offered Himself as a living sacrifice to reconcile us to God, and to break down the walls of sin that had become such a barrier between us and our Creator. Through this ultimate sacrifice, we have access to a closer relationship with the Father, than we would have ever had without His death on the Cross.

The Cross symbolizes Jesus’ love for us. His death was the ultimate expression of His love for us, and He offered Himself as the final sacrifice to bring us to God. By His death, He showed us that He valued us, that our lives were worth giving up everything for, and that His love was stronger than anything else.

Perhaps the greatest thing Jesus accomplished by His death on the Cross is that He made it possible for us to spend eternal life with Him. He opened up the path to Heaven for all who follow Him, and no one may enter except through Him. He established us as co-heirs with Him, and welcomes us to spend eternity with Him in Heaven. Through Him, we can live an everlasting life of joy, love, and peace.

His Victory

Through His death on the Cross, Jesus won the victory over sin. He established a new covenant between God and man, and He purified us from our sins, removing the separation that had grown between us and God. His death atoned for our sins, so that no sin can ever be held against us again.

The Cross also signified Jesus’ victory over death, for He conquered death and made a way for us to be resurrected into glory. No longer are we bound by the fear of death, for Jesus has abolished it entirely. He opened up the gates of Heaven for His children to come home, and no one can deny us access to it.

By His death, Jesus also showed us the power of True Love. He wasn’t willing to let us perish in our sins and chased after us with love and grace. He endured all the pain, shame, and suffering that comes with the Cross, just to show us what selflessness looks like. His love is not conditioned by our actions, but instead, always extends towards those who accept Him.

But most importantly, Jesus’ victory on the Cross declared His authority over us. By making the ultimate sacrifice, He proved once and for all that He is Lord and Savior. He showed us that He is worthy of all our praise and worship, and that we are to serve Him and follow in His footsteps.

By accomplishing the mission of salvation set before Him, Jesus showed us the power of God. He humbled Himself and gave up His life for us, and in doing so, brought us hope, joy, and redemption. Through this victory, we have access to eternal life, and a closeness to God that was previously unattainable through mankind.

His Love

Perhaps the most powerful thing Jesus accomplished on the Cross was to show us a perfect picture of love. His selfless act of laying down His life for all mankind displayed a kind of love that is deep and undefinable.

His love was not merely extended to a select few, but rather, He offered His grace and mercy to all people – regardless of race, age, gender, or backgrounds. His love breaks down all barriers, and it is available to all who choose to accept it. His death showed us that His love is unconditional and that He will always be there to pick us up if we stumble.

Moreover, Jesus’ death showed us the power of humility. He was willing to let go of His own pride and accept the fate that had been set before Him. He chose to set aside His own desires and suffer in our place, so that we may experience His love.

His suffering was intended to show us the fullness of His love for us. He was willing to endure pain and agony, so that we may have a deeper understanding of His loving kindness. His love experienced in suffering is incomparable, and when we understand it, we can be comforted by His presence in our darkest moments.

By dying for us, Jesus showed us how beloved we are. He showed us that we are worthy of His sacrifice, and that our lives have incredible value. We can now live our lives understanding the depth of His love – if someone is willing to die for us, we must be worth dying for.

His Impact

The impact of Jesus’ death and resurrection on the Cross is difficult to put into words. It is constantly felt, even two thousand years later, and the grace, mercy, and hope that was gifted to us through His death is still living on.

His death and resurrection have brought about an incredible transformation in the lives of millions of individuals. It has restored our relationship with God, and brought us peace, joy, and hope that nothing else could have ever done in the same way.

As a result of Jesus’ death, we also have the promise of the Holy Spirit. We are graced with the presence of the Spirit of God living within us, guiding us and empowering us to live holy lives. We live to bring glory to God, just as Jesus did, knowing that we are deeply love by our heavenly Father regardless of what we may do.

Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, He left an incredible legacy – one that will never die. His love is timeless and eternal, and it will never run out. We can take comfort in His love for us, knowing that no matter what happens, He will always be with us.

The power of Jesus’ death and resurrection will never be forgotten, and we can be fully assured that He will always hold us in His hands. We can take refuge in His love, and be strengthened by His grace.

His Promise

Most of all, Jesus’ death and resurrection give us a promise for the future. He has promised us an eternity in Heaven, and no one can ever take that away from us.

Jesus’ death also provides us with a promise of hope. We can be comforted and secure in Him, knowing that He will never leave us or forsake us. He has promised to be with us when we pass through the waters, and He stands by us in the darkest of nights.

By His death and resurrection, Jesus also made a promise to bring justice and peace to this world. He came to show us a better way and offer us a hope of a better tomorrow. He has promised to rule and reign over all the earth, and to bring an end to violence, poverty, and suffering.

Most of all, Jesus gives us a promise of love. His love will never cease, and it will be ours for the taking for as long as we choose to accept it. We can take confidence in knowing that Jesus loves us with a never-ending love, and that He will always be with us as we go through life.

Jesus’ death and resurrection on the Cross are truly miraculous and awe-inspiring. We can take comfort in the fact that through His death and resurrection, He accomplished the mission He was called to do, and He has made the way for us to live eternally in His presence.