18 Healing Prayers for a Premature Baby

By Faith Way

18 Healing Prayers for a Premature Baby

The arrival of a premature baby can be a joyous but also frightening experience for parents.

These tiny newborns often face a variety of health challenges, and their parents are left praying for their survival and healing.

If you are the parent of a premature baby, you are not alone.

There are many people who care about you and your little one, and there are many prayers that you can offer for their healing.

Healing Prayer for a Premature Baby

1. Prayer for Strength and Courage

Dear God,

We come to you today asking for strength and courage for the parents of this premature baby. They are facing a difficult journey, and they need your help to stay strong. Please give them the strength to face each day, the courage to make difficult decisions, and the hope to believe that their baby will be okay.

2. Prayer for Healing and Comfort

Dear God,

We pray for healing and comfort for this premature baby. Please touch their tiny body with your healing hands and mend their wounds. Soothe their pain and discomfort, and give them the strength to fight the infections and complications that they may face. Comfort their little heart and give them peace.

3. Prayer for Growth and Development

Dear God,

We pray for growth and development for this premature baby. Please help them to grow and develop at a healthy rate, despite their early arrival. Give them the strength to suck and swallow, and help them to gain weight and thrive. Please protect their brain and their lungs, and help them to reach all of the milestones that they should.

4. Prayer for the Medical Team

Dear God,

We pray for the medical team that is caring for this premature baby. Please give them wisdom and guidance as they make decisions about their care. Give them the skill and expertise to provide the best possible care, and help them to work together effectively as a team.

5. Prayer for Family and Friends

Dear God,

We pray for the family and friends of this premature baby. Please surround them with your love and support. Give them strength to cope with the stress and uncertainty, and help them to be a source of comfort and encouragement to each other.

6. Prayer for the Future

Dear God,

We pray for the future of this premature baby. Please guide their steps and protect them from harm. Help them to reach their full potential, and to live a long and healthy life. We ask that you would use this experience to draw their family closer to you, and to help them to grow in faith and hope.

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Prayers for Premature Baby

7. Prayer for Hope

Dear God,

We pray for hope for the parents of this premature baby. Please give them hope that their baby will be okay, hope that they will be able to overcome the challenges that they face, and hope that they will have a bright future together.

8. Prayer for Peace

Dear God,

We pray for peace for the parents of this premature baby. Please give them peace in the midst of the storm, peace that comes from knowing that you are with them and that you are in control. Help them to trust in you and to find comfort in your presence.

9. Prayer for Love

Dear God,

We pray for love for the parents of this premature baby. Please fill their hearts with love for their child, love for each other, and love for you. Help them to express their love in ways that their baby can understand, and help them to create a loving home for their child to grow up in.

10. Prayer for Faith

Dear God,

We pray for faith for the parents of this premature baby. Please help them to have faith in you, faith in the medical team, and faith in the future. Help them to believe that all things are possible with you, and that you will work all things together for their good.

11. Prayers for Patience

Dear God,

We pray for patience for the parents of this premature baby. Please help them to be patient as they wait for their baby to grow and develop. Give them peace and reassurance in the meantime, trusting that you have their baby safely in your hands.

12. Prayer for Understanding

Dear God,

Please give understanding to the parents, family members, nurses and doctors who are involved in caring for this premature baby. Help them to understand all the procedures, terminology and equipment being used. Give them wisdom as they make decisions each day.

Prayers for Premature Baby Death

Losing a child is one of the most painful experiences anyone could face. The grief of losing a baby who is premature can be especially difficult. Here are some prayers for parents grieving the death of their premature baby.

13. Prayer for Comfort in Grief

Dear God,

We ask you to bring comfort to the grieving parents who have lost their precious premature baby. Their hearts are broken and they feel completely lost without their child. Please surround them with your love and give them strength during this agonizing time of grief. Help them find hope and peace despite their sadness.

14. Prayer for Healing

Dear God,

We pray for healing for the parents grieving the loss of their premature baby. Please heal their broken hearts and wounded souls. Soothe feelings of anger, guilt and despair. Slowly remove the sharpness of their pain and loss, and leave behind cherished memories of the time they had with their child.

15. Prayer for Signs from Baby

Dear God,

We pray that you will give the grieving parents signs that their precious premature baby is at peace in your presence. Send them tangible reminders that their little one will never be forgotten – a feather floating by, a heart shape in the clouds, a sweet scent that reminds them of their baby. Give them small comforts to reassure them during the grief process.

16. Prayer for Strength

Dear God,

Please give strength to the parents as they walk the long road of grieving their premature baby. Help them take things slowly, one day at a time. Keep them surrounded by loving family and friends who support them. Give them strength to honor their child’s memory while moving forward into hope and healing.

17. Prayer for Future Children

Dear God,

If it is your will, please bless this couple with more children in the future when the time is right. While no child could ever replace the one they lost, give them hope that they may one day hold another baby and experience the joys of parenthood again. Guide them gently if they pursue more treatment, and grant wisdom about their family journey going forward after such a painful loss.

18. Prayer for Medical Providers

God, please comfort the medical providers who cared for the precious premature baby that passed away. Reassure caregivers who feel they could have done something more and ease hearts that are heavy with empathy for the grieving parents. Remind them of the gift it is to be present during such an intimate and sacred time of life. Give all who cared for this baby peace and perspective.

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Losing a premature baby or caring for a seriously ill newborn is life-altering.

No parent should have to experience such heartache and uncertainty when welcoming their precious child into the world.

Yet difficult situations can also deepen our faith when we surrender our pain to God in prayer. May the grieving find comfort, the struggling discover peace, and little fighters grow healthy and strong through the miracle of prayer.

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