25 Healing Prayers for Allergies Relief

By Faith Way

Healing prayers for allergies
Prayer for Healing Allergies

Allergies can be annoying, inconvenient, and in some cases, life-threatening.

But we can bring our allergy concerns to God in prayer, trusting that He hears us.

Here are some prayers for common allergies that you can pray or use as inspiration for your prayers.

19 Short Healing Prayers For Allergies

Lord, I need relief from my allergies. My nose is constantly runny and I seem to sneeze all the time! I’ve tried different medicines but none help much. Please help me find a good allergy doctor who can provide the treatment I need. Thank you for hearing my prayer, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

1. Prayer For A Peanut Allergy

Lord, I thank You that I was diagnosed with a peanut allergy early in life. That knowledge has saved my life more than once. While I don’t like having this allergy, I enjoy being alive more. As I’ve been open about my allergy, I’ve found that people also become more aware to help look out for me. They ask about food allergies to avoid causing harm. Thank You for giving me the patience and strength to deal with this allergy and to educate others about it. Help keep me safe moving forward, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

2. Prayer For Being Allergic To Dogs

Lord, I’m so sad that I’m now allergic to dogs. I don’t understand how I wasn’t before, but now I have a bad reaction. I’ll miss petting and loving those furry creatures. Help me be cautious moving forward. The doctor said it wasn’t life-threatening, but the reaction knocked me out for a day. My eyes swelled and my breathing changed. I know I can trust You to help me navigate this and still have a meaningful life. Help me, Lord, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

3. Prayer for Finding Other Animal Companions

Having to avoid dogs due to my newfound allergy is sad, but You show me God that there are still animal companions I can spend time with. My friend’s hypoallergenic cat brings me joy when I visit her house. Volunteering at a shelter that has more rabbits and guinea pigs allows me to care for furry creatures without a reaction. And birds with their songs and antics make me smile. There are still ways I can have animal friends in my life.

4. Prayer For Being Allergic To Cats

Lord, I never dreamed that one day I would be allergic to cats. Since childhood, I’ve loved having cats as pets and enjoyed snuggling with them. Now my eyes get puffy and itchy whenever I’m around felines. Help me cope with this new reality. Show me how I can still love cats from a distance or find other ways to care for them. Although it makes me sad, help me prioritize my health while also appreciating cats as the special creations You made them to be, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

5. Prayer For A Gluten Allergy

Lord, having celiac disease and being gluten intolerant means there are many foods I have to avoid. Help give me the wisdom to navigate this, as traces of gluten seem to lurk everywhere! Show me healthy, creative recipes I can cook that are gluten-free. Help me find restaurants with good gluten-free options when I eat out. Guide me as I read complex ingredient labels looking for hidden gluten. Thank You that by following this diet, I avoid damaging my body. Give me patience and diligence to follow it strictly, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

6. Prayer for Finding Gluten-Free Options

Thank You, God, for the growing awareness of gluten allergies and celiac disease. Now many restaurants offer gluten-free menus and grocery stores have sections with gluten-free products. With options clearly labeled, it’s much easier to find safe foods and snacks to eat. Seeing greater availability helps me feel less restricted by my diet. You knew I’d need these gluten-free choices long before I was diagnosed. Thank you for hearing my prayer, In Jesus’ name, I entrust my health to you. Amen.

7. Prayer For A Dairy Allergy

Lord, having a dairy allergy makes meal planning more complicated. So many foods and recipes contain milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, or other dairy products. Help me learn how to adapt my eating without dairy. Show me healthy substitutions, like using nut, milk, or dairy-free cheeses. When I crave a bowl of ice cream or a slice of pizza, increase my self-control to avoid my allergy triggers. Help me communicate clearly in restaurants to prevent cross-contamination. Thank You for keeping me healthy as I avoid this allergen, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

8. Prayer for Finding Tasty Dairy Substitutes

Thank You, God, for the many tasty dairy substitutes available now. Almond milk, oat milk, coconut yogurt, soy ice cream – there are so many options to safely satisfy my cravings! With dairy-free choices, I can still enjoy smoothies, creamy soups, chocolate and more. My diet is much less restrictive with these substitutes. You knew the solutions I’d someday need and inspired people to create them.

9. Prayer Asking for Help from Loved Ones

I’m grateful for family and friends who support me by accommodating my dairy allergy when I eat with them. They read labels to avoid using products with dairy in dishes served to me. Some have even learned how to cook and bake delicious dairy-free recipes I can safely eat. Their willingness to provide options helps me feel included and cared for rather than restricted. It’s a blessing to have this allergy understood.

10. Prayer For A Shellfish Allergy

Lord, I pray for help avoiding shellfish since I have such a severe allergy to it. Going into anaphylactic shock after eating shrimp or crab is scary. Help me be extremely cautious at restaurants or anywhere shellfish is served to prevent accidental exposure when I long for shrimp scampi or a seafood boil that I can no longer partake in, increasing my contentment with safer foods. Thank You for the other fish and proteins I can eat safely. Continue protecting my health and life as I avoid these triggers, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

11. Prayer for When Eating Out and Asking About Ingredients

I know that many sauces, broths, and seasonings can contain shellfish as a hidden ingredient. That makes asking questions important whenever I eat out. Thank You, God, for waiters and chefs who are gracious when I ask about preparation methods and ingredients to ensure a dish is shellfish-free. Their willingness to accommodate helps me enjoy eating out while steering clear of an allergic reaction. Checking thoroughly prevents taking a careless risk. Thank you for hearing my prayer, In Jesus’ name, I entrust my health to you. Amen.

12. Prayer For Hay Fever Allergies

Lord, dealing with seasonal allergies each year is frustrating. As soon as the weather warms up, I start sniffling and sneezing constantly. My nose drips like a faucet no matter how often I blow it. Sinus congestion makes it hard to sleep well. Allergy medication only provides minor relief. This seasonal suffering is tiresome. Please heal me of these bothersome hay fever allergies once and for all, in Jesus’ name. Please show me how to manage symptoms better this year. Increase my patience as I endure this seasonal cycle again, Amen.

13. Prayer for Finding the Right Remedies

Treating my hay fever each year feels like an exercise in futility, God. Over-the-counter medicines don’t fix things for long. But this year, help me persist in searching for remedies that provide real relief. Guide me as I try different allergy medicines to find an effective one. And if those aren’t sufficient, give my doctor the wisdom to prescribe something stronger to finally control my symptoms during peak pollen season. You know the perfect solution for me. Thank you for hearing my prayer, In Jesus’ name, I entrust my health to you. Amen.

14. Prayer About Being Allergic To Grass

Lord, having an allergy to grass makes so many activities challenging during spring and summer. My eyes start to itch and burn badly whenever I’m near lawns or parks full of grass. Help me cope by finding medications that relieve my itchy eyes and runny nose after accidental exposure. Show me grass-free places where I can still enjoy the outdoors. While I may not be able to lounge on a lawn or play soccer, help me discover other safe activities I enjoy outdoors, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

15. Prayer for Pursuing Other Safe Outdoors Activities

While having a grass allergy limits some choices, You show me God that I can still pursue many fun outdoor activities during spring and summer. Going on hikes through the woods avoids grass contact. Beach days with my toes in the sand give refuge from grass allergens. Exploring my city’s gardens and parks full of trees and flowers is doable too. Bike rides on paved urban trails prevent reactions. With some creativity, I can find safe ways to be active outdoors. Thank you for hearing my prayer, In Jesus’ name, I entrust my health to you. Amen.

16. Prayer for Managing Symptoms After Exposure

No matter how cautious I am, accidental contact with grass still happens, triggering my allergic reaction. Thank You, God, that allergy medicines can help reduce those symptoms somewhat. Nasal sprays, antihistamine pills, and eye drops provide me relief after exposure to grass. It may take a while for the itching and puffiness to fully subside, but these remedies make it more bearable. I’m grateful I don’t just have to sit and suffer through the reaction. Thank you for hearing my prayer, In Jesus’ name, I entrust my health to you. Amen.

17. Prayer For A Skin Allergy

Lord, having skin that breaks out in hives frequently from certain fabrics, detergents, creams or other substances is irritating. The red, swollen skin not only looks bad but also itches and burns constantly. Help me identify the sources triggering this reaction so I can strictly avoid them. Show me laundry detergents, soaps, lotions, and fabrics that don’t aggravate my skin. Heal these outbreaks when they happen and comfort me through the discomfort. Thank You for guiding me in caring for the special, sensitive skin You gave me, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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18. Prayer for Paying Attention to Triggers

Part of managing my skin allergies is discovering exactly what substances irritate my skin. Help me pay close attention, God, to what fabrics, products, or environments precede an outbreak. Seeing which laundry detergents, soaps, fragrances, metals, etc. consistently cause hives helps me recognize and then avoid those allergens. Preventing contact is crucial to reducing reactions. Thank You for helping me identify the sources to be wary of. In Jesus’ name, I entrust my health to you. Amen.

19. Prayer Finding Gentle Products

Once I know what ingredients and fabrics bother my skin, help me find gentle, non-reactive alternatives, God. Guide me as I search for hypoallergenic, fragrance-free laundry and bath products that cleanse without harsh chemicals. Help me detect which fabrics – cotton, silk, and synthetic materials – can be safely worn and which my skin rejects. Though the search takes effort, discovering safe products is so worth it. The right choices make my life more comfortable. Thank you for hearing my prayer, In Jesus’ name, I entrust my health to you. Amen.

20. Prayer About Being Allergic To Pollen

Lord, I feel so congested and miserable during pollen season. My nose drips constantly, I can’t stop sneezing, my eyes are puffy and red, and I feel like I can’t breathe clearly for months on end. The tiny grains of pollen floating in the air trigger massive sinus symptoms for me. Heal me of this seasonal allergic reaction once and for all, I pray. Show me effective remedies and lifestyle changes to find lasting relief. Thank You for hearing my prayer, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

21. Prayer for Finding Lasting Relief

I’m praying for lasting relief from my pollen allergies, God. Guide me in searching for solutions that work: prescription medicines, herbal remedies, acupuncture, natural supplements, or anything You show me. Heal me of this exhausting reaction to the seasons changing. Renew my body and immune system to respond normally rather than with massive congestion each year. Direct me to find real answers, not just cope each year. Thank You, God!

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22. Prayer About Being Allergic To Trees

Heavenly Father, I come before you today with a heavy heart, burdened by the challenges of being allergic to trees. Lord, you are the Creator of all things, and you understand the intricacies of our bodies. I humbly ask for your healing touch to alleviate the symptoms caused by this allergy. Grant me strength and resilience to face each day with grace, knowing that you are with me in every struggle. May your divine power bring comfort and relief. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

23. Prayer About Being Allergic To Bee Stings

Gracious God, I lift my concerns to you regarding my allergy to bee stings. You are the ultimate healer and protector. I pray for your shield of safety to surround me, guarding against any encounters with bees that may pose a threat. In moments of fear or uncertainty, grant me calmness and steadfast trust in your watchful care. I surrender my anxieties to you and ask for your divine protection. In Jesus’ name, I believe and pray.

24. Prayer For A Mold Allergy

Merciful Lord, I bring before you the challenges of living with a mold allergy. Your understanding surpasses all, and I trust in your wisdom. I ask for your healing touch to alleviate the symptoms and discomfort caused by exposure to mold. Strengthen my immune system, Lord, and guide me in making choices that promote a healthy environment. May your grace be my shield in times of vulnerability. I place my health in your loving hands. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

25. Prayer About Getting Allergy Testing

Heavenly Father, As I prepare for allergy testing, I seek your guidance and wisdom. Grant discernment to the medical professionals involved, so that they may accurately diagnose and understand the intricacies of my allergies. I pray for your peace to fill my heart during the testing process, knowing that you are in control. May this journey lead to improved health and well-being. I trust in your providence and ask for your guidance every step of the way. In Jesus’ name, I entrust my health to you.

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Concluding Thoughts

While allergies can be frustrating and limiting, God cares about them, just as He cares about every aspect of our lives.

We can come to Him in prayer about allergies, asking for help managing symptoms, wisdom in avoiding triggers, and peace and patience to cope with the situation.

For some, allergies may be a cross to bear long-term. For others, God may miraculously heal them over time.

We pray and leave those outcomes to Him. Avoiding allergic reactions helps us steward our bodies well. But turning to God in prayer is just as important, as inviting Him into this challenging aspect of life. He walks with us in it all.

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