8 Prayers for Premature Baby Girl (God Answers Prayers)

By Faith Way

Prayer for Premature Baby Girl

Having a premature baby can be an incredibly stressful and emotional time for parents.

As you watch your tiny baby girl fight for her life in the NICU, it’s normal to feel powerless and afraid.

One source of comfort and strength during this difficult season can be prayer.

Here are 15 prayers for a premature baby girl that cover various needs and concerns you may have.

Prayers for Health and Healing for Your Baby Girl

When your baby is born early, her little body is often not fully developed yet. As a result, she may face significant health issues like respiratory problems, infections, difficulty eating, and more. Praying for her healing and strength is so important.

1. Prayer for Overall Health

“Dear Lord, I lift up my precious premature daughter to You today. Her little body is still so fragile and weak having arrived early. Please surround her with Your healing power. Help her little lungs grow strong and work properly. Protect her from any infections or setbacks. Let her gain weight and strength each day. Give wisdom and insight to her medical team as they care for her. Sustain me and my family with Your peace and hope through this difficult time. Thank You that You love and care about even the youngest and littlest among us. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

2. Prayer Against Infection

“Father God, I come to You today so worried about infections attacking my baby girl’s little body. She is so vulnerable right now, hooked up to tubes and wires that expose her to germs and bacteria. Please guard her from any sickness or disease taking root. Keep dangerous infections far from her. Help her immune system to grow stronger daily. Protect her from fevers, pneumonia, and anything else that could set her back. Thank You that You have power over all things, even the unseen germs that could make her sick. I trust You to keep watch over my little premature baby. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Prayers for Emotional Support

Having a baby in the NICU is exhausting both physically and emotionally. You may find yourself overcome with fear, anxiety, anger, doubt, grief and more. Praying through these turbulent emotions and asking God for comfort is so valuable during the difficult NICU journey.

3. Prayer for Encouragement

“Lord Jesus, this journey with my premature daughter in the NICU leaves me feeling so discouraged at times. As I long to hold her close but instead can only watch her fight for life in the isolate, I struggle to stay positive. When test results are scary or procedures frightening, it’s easy to feel defeated. Please lift my eyes to see the hope that only comes from You. Remind me of Your goodness, grace and power in our lives. Send Your comfort and peace to refresh my soul when I feel overwhelmed or defeated. Help me to trust You more each day on this journey. Thank You that You never leave us nor forsake us. In Your name I pray, amen.”

4. Prayer for Patience

“Heavenly Father, caring for a premature baby requires so much patience as we take things moment by moment, hour by hour watching, hoping and praying over her. When progress seems slow or setbacks rock us, I ask You to renew my supply of patience, grace and endurance. Remind me that You hold my daughter in the palm of Your hand no matter what her current condition. Give me strength to get through the long days in the NICU faithfully sitting at her bedside. Sustain me through the unexpected challenges we still face. Thank You that Your timing is perfect even when it doesn’t align with my desires. Teach me patience as I walk this journey with You. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

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Prayers for Divine Help and Intervention

God reminds us repeatedly throughout Scripture that nothing is impossible for Him. Bringing desperate pleas for divine intervention to the Lord on behalf of your suffering premature baby is one of the most powerful things you can do during this trial.

5. Prayer for Healing Power

“Almighty God, nothing is too difficult or impossible for You! As I watch my precious premature daughter enduring tests, procedures and endless interventions day after day, my heart breaks for her suffering. I know that You see her and love her deeply too. I’m crying out to You today begging for Your supernatural healing power to rescue her body from all its weaknesses and failings. Please touch her from the top of her head to the tips of her tiny toes with Your mighty power. Heal her lungs, her brain, her blood counts and every system still underdeveloped because she arrived too early. Show the nurses and doctors that You alone can do the impossible for her. Thank You, God, that You invite me to cast every care on You because You care so perfectly for us. I release my baby girl afresh into Your healing hands today. Do what only You can do, I pray in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen!”

6. Prayer for Miraculous Help

“Lord God, as I walk this terrifying journey with my critically ill premature daughter, I am pleading for miraculous help only You can provide her. Things look so dire and hopeless in these moments as she fights just to survive each day. The doctors have done all they can and warn us things may yet take a very bad turn. Still I believe Your purpose for her life has not been fulfilled. I’m asking You, Heavenly Father who breathed life into her tiny body, to show Your miraculous power and intervention on her behalf. Accomplish the impossible through her body. Heal her from the top of her head to the soles of her feet, inside and out. Restore organs, tissue, brain activity and everything the doctors say is unfixable or irreversible. Revive her little spirit with Your abundant, miraculous life. Thank You, Jesus, that NOTHING is impossible for You, no matter how hopeless a situation seems. In Your mighty and matchless name, amen!”

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Prayers for the Family

Caring for a critically ill newborn in the NICU puts unimaginable strain on parents and family systems. Exhaustion, financial stress, divided attention, grief and more plague families walking this difficult road. Uplifting prayer for endurance, unity and strength during the challenges are so needed.

7. Prayer for Unity

“Lord Jesus, parenting a premature baby girl who’s fighting just to survive each day puts incredible stress on relationships and divides focus like nothing else. As we juggle time at home, jobs, other children and then hours at our girl’s NICU bedside every day, unity feels impossible. Please protect my marriage and family relationships from fracturing under the weight of this pressure and pain. Would You pour out abundant grace as fatigue, anxiety and grief threaten to tear us apart? Help us to support one another, communicate freely, and avoid taking out our big feelings on those closest to us. Heal places that have already suffered strain or conflict during this chaotic time. Bind our family together tightly through Your matchless love. Thank You for promising to be near to the brokenhearted and crushed in spirit. We need You today! In Your name I pray, amen.”

8. Prayer for Family Strength

“Heavenly Father, as we walk this long road of caring for a critically ill premature newborn, I pray You will undergird our family with supernatural strength and endurance. The many demands of work, home, multiple kids and now hours spent at our girl’s NICU bedside each day quickly deplete every ounce of energy we have. When our tank reaches empty, fill it again with Your sustaining power I pray. Pour out rest, grace, comfort and hope when we waver. Protect our health and sanity in the middle of severe sleep deprivation. Sustain us through every high and low this journey brings. Keep our feet on solid ground when everything around us feels shaky and uncertain. Thank You that Your strength is made perfect in our weakness! We look only to You for the power to endure today and all the unknowns yet ahead. In Jesus’ name, amen.”


Whether your premature baby girl is fighting serious complications in the NICU or finally getting to come home, prayer is such a powerful weapon and source of comfort for navigating the challenges surrounding prematurity.

God cares deeply and invites you to cast every burden – big or small – upon Him through prayer. He promises to walk closely with you even through the darkest valley.

Cry out to Him today knowing He hears your every word. There is no prayer too small or too desperate for His ears and compassionate heart!

He can do the impossible and will carry you through this stressful season. Allow His peace and hope to renew your spirit daily.

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