Biblical Meaning of Ring in Dreams

By Faith Way

Seeing a ring in a dream is not one of the common dreams out there. For anyone to have seen such a dream, it means that there is something very spiritual going on in their life. Rings have very powerful spiritual significance. These dreams shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Biblical Meaning of Ring in Dreams

Biblical Meaning of Ring in Dreams

Spiritual Significance of Rings

Even in the physical world, it is not advisable that people wear a ring without having a specific reason or purpose for wearing it. In some societies, people who wear many rings without just cause are viewed with suspicion and may even be considered practitioners of evil.

Rings are generally seen as symbols of covenant, commitment, authority, or belonging. As such, ring dreams often indicate spiritual events and changes happening in the life of the dreamer. Depending on the source and nature of the ring dream, it could either be a good or bad omen.

Interpreting Ring Dreams

Since ring dreams come in various forms, proper interpretation requires identifying key details:

  • Who gave/showed you the ring in the dream?
  • What did the ring look like?
  • Which finger did you wear it on?
  • What were the circumstances in the dream?

Answers to these questions will give insight into the spiritual implications of your ring dream.

If the dream features a ring given by God or a positive spiritual figure, it likely indicates divine favor, authority, or spiritual blessing. However, if the ring comes from an evil spiritual source, it may signify demonic covenants.

Biblical Examples of Ring Symbolism

In Esther 3:12, King Ahasuerus used his signet ring to authorize Haman’s decree to kill the Jews. This demonstrates how a ring can signify authority and approval.

In Haggai 2:23, God declares that He will make Zerubbabel His signet ring, indicating divine favor and choice.

So we see from Scripture that rings can either be used for good or evil purposes. The spiritual source and significance of ring dreams should therefore be properly discerned.

Biblical Meaning of Engagement Ring in Dreams

Biblical Meaning of Ring in Dreams

Engagement Ring Dreams

A common ring dream involves someone giving or showing you an engagement ring. Since engagement rings represent marriage covenants, such dreams have deep spiritual connotations.

Seeing an engagement ring in a dream is tantamount to letting you know that you belong to someone or have entered an unbreakable spiritual bond or covenant with them.

Identifying the Giver

  • If God or positive spiritual figure gives you the engagement ring, it likely indicates divine partnership, favor, authority, or blessings regarding your spiritual destiny.
  • If the ring comes from a negative spiritual source, it could signify demonic covenants, bonds, or attachments that give the enemy legal rights over your life.

Such dreams should be prayed against to break free from ungodly soul ties.

Left or Right Hand Symbolism

Scripture mentions God setting us as a seal upon His heart and arm, which represents intimacy and partnership.

  • A ring on the left hand indicates partnership and intimacy with the giver. So left hand ring dreams show close relationship or alignment with the spiritual figure.
  • An engagement ring on the right hand may indicate submission to authority more than intimate partnership.

Engagement ring dreams reveal spiritual covenants and alignments being formed. We must discern the source and respond appropriately.

Biblical Dream Meaning of Engagement Ring

Biblical Meaning of Ring in Dreams

Divine Engagement Ring Dreams

If your engagement ring dream features Jesus or a positive spiritual figure, here are some biblical meanings to consider:

Promise of Marriage/Intimacy with Christ – Christ is the bridegroom looking for a worthy bride (Matthew 25:1). The ring signifies His marriage covenant and promise of intimacy with you.

Call to Holiness – As the bride of Christ, you are called to keep yourself pure and make yourself ready for Him (Revelation 19:7). Examine your life.

Equipping for Ministry – Symbol of authority as one called and chosen for a divine assignment (Luke 10:19, Haggai 2:23).

Sealing of Blessing – Having His ring/seal upon you brings spiritual blessing, favor and divine access (Song of Songs 8:6).

If your spirit bears witness, rejoice in His covenant love and align accordingly.

Warning against Ungodly Soul Ties

If the giver of the engagement ring is an evil or questionable spiritual figure, here are some prayer points:

Renounce ungodly covenants – Break agreement with evil bonds, attachments and sealings (Isaiah 28:18).

Plead the blood of Jesus – His blood alone can break ungodly soul ties (Hebrews 9:14, 26-28).

Receive God’s deliverance – His power sets people free from demonic oppression (Acts 26:18).

Align with Christ alone – He alone is worthy of intimate partnership and covenant alliance (Matthew 11:28-30).

Biblical Meaning of a Ring in a Dream

Biblical Meaning of Ring in Dreams

Symbol of Authority and Approval

Seeing someone give or show you their ring in a dream can indicate spiritual authority, endorsement, approval or granting of power.

  • If the ring comes from God/positive figure, it likely signals the giving of divine authority, spiritual gifts, access, position, or responsibility (Genesis 41:41-43, Esther 8:8, Luke 19:12).
  • However, an evil spiritual figure may try to impose ungodly authority over your life. Such dreams should be renounced and resisted through prayer and faith in Christ’s power (James 4:7).

Symbol of Marriage and Covenant

We have discussed engagement ring dreams. But dreams about wedding rings also reveal marriage bonds and covenants:

  • Exchanging wedding rings or putting a ring on your spouse in a dream signals fresh commitment to marriage covenants (Ezekiel 16:8). It may indicate spiritual revival or renewed alignment.
  • Losing a wedding ring warns against breaking marriage covenants through offenses, neglect, or entering wrong associations. Repentance is needed (Hosea 2:2, 19-20).

Promise of Favor and Blessing

Finally, receiving an ornate, expensive-looking ring in a dream often symbolizes:

  • The giving of divine favor, prosperity, nobility, or promotion (Genesis 41:42, James 2:5).
  • Being marked or ‘sealed’ for spiritual protection from harm (Song of Songs 8:6-7, Revelation 7:3-4).

Again, the interpretation will vary based on who gives this special ring in the dream.



Dreams about rings have deep biblical and spiritual significance related to authority, covenant, blessing, protection and more. Proper interpretation requires checking the source, symbolism and witness of the Holy Spirit concerning each unique dream. We must then respond appropriately: either embracing God’s calling and favor, or renouncing the enemy’s false covenants and influence. While unusual, ring dreams give us insight into the spiritual changes happening around us.

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