What Does It Mean When You Dream About Almost Getting Hit By A Car

By Faith Way

Dreaming about almost getting hit by a car can be a terrifying and unsettling experience. This type of dream often leaves you shaking with anxiety and grasping for an explanation when you wake up. While the specifics of such dreams can vary from person to person, there are some common interpretations and meanings behind dreams about close calls with vehicles. Understanding what your subconscious is trying to tell you through this dream can provide valuable insight into your waking life.

Symbolic Meanings of This Dream

Dreams About Almost Getting Hit By A Car

Dreams are complex and multi-layered, and almost getting hit by a car in a dream can represent different ideas and interpretations. Here are some of the common symbolic meanings associated with this dream scenario:

Feeling Out of Control

Getting hit or almost hit by an oncoming vehicle suggests a sense of feeling out of control in some area of your life. Vehicles often represent control in dreams. The car barreling towards you despite your efforts to avoid it may mirror situations in your waking life where you feel powerless to stop something from impacting you negatively.

This symbolism indicates a need to assess where you feel a lack of agency in your life. Are you letting problems spiral without taking action? Do you feel unable to influence some aspect of your work or relationships? Identifying these areas will allow you to begin seizing back control.

Anxiety About the Future

Nearly being struck by an automobile can point to anxiety you harbor regarding the path ahead. Vehicles relate to our life journeys and often signify fears about the road before us. Almost getting mowed down by a car reflects underlying worries about where you are heading in the future.

You may be apprehensive about upcoming life changes, big plans that are in motion, or feel generally uneasy about what’s to come. Your unconscious mind is sounding alarm bells that you need to get a handle on this anxiety before it grows worse.

Near Miss of Opportunity or Disaster

Looking at cars as symbolic of our movement through life, nearly getting hit represents barely avoiding something major ahead. This thing could be positive, like an opportunity you almost missed out on. Or it may be negative, like a disaster you narrowly escaped.

Look at what is currently happening in your waking life for clues. Did you just evade a bad situation at work that could have seriously impacted your career? Or did a possible business deal or relationship almost slip away before you seized it? Close calls with cars in dreams can signify close calls in real life.

Warning of Danger Ahead

Dreams often play the role of protecting us by alerting our unconscious to potential threats. Your near accident while dreaming warns that you may be oblivious or ignoring some looming danger in your waking life.

This could relate to risky behaviors, toxic relationships, health concerns or a wide range of other hazards in your work life, home life or relationships. Your psyche is cautioning you to avoid or address this issue before it causes harm like the out-of-control car in your dream.

Dream Interpretations Based on Context

Dreams About Almost Getting Hit By A Car

Beyond general symbolism, the specific context of your dream almost getting struck provides further insight into its significance. Pay close attention to the details and feelings that surrounded this event.

Location of the Dream

Consider where this near miss took place. Were you in a familiar area like your neighborhood when the car came at you? This may link the symbolism to your personal life. Or was it at a work site or unfamiliar location, tying the meaning to your professional aims and ambitions?

What Type of Vehicle Was It?

The vehicle itself that nearly hit you also influences the interpretation. A speeding sports car may imply a sudden surprise headed your way. Getting nearly clipped by a huge truck could mean major forces in your life feel beyond your ability to manage. Look at what the car represented to you in the dream for further meaning.

Emotions You Felt

Finally, the feelings you experienced upon almost being struck are telling. Take note if this dream left you shaken, panicked, relieved or even strangely calm. The predominant emotions you felt while trying to dodge the car can provide insight into how this symbolism applies to your waking life and psyche.

Potential Causes of This Dream

Dreams About Almost Getting Hit By A Car

Dreaming of near misses with vehicles is often prompted by thoughts, experiences or circumstances in your waking hours. Here are some potential triggers that can spark this unsettling dream scenario:

Close Call While Driving

If you recently had a close call while driving, like narrowly avoiding an accident, this experience can work itself into your dream state. Your brain may take the scenario and exaggerate the near miss in the dream version, with the car speeding scarily close to you as a pedestrian rather than driving another vehicle.

Stress About Daily Commute

Do you drive frequently for your daily commute or as part of work? The dangers inherent in driving may leak into your subconscious, emerging in dreams of being nearly struck as a pedestrian yourself. This symbolizes the lack of control you feel while navigating hectic roads with reckless drivers.

Major Stressors in Life

Powerful stressors that feel inescapable in your waking life often manifest in this dream. The car represents the stressful situation barreling towards you. Even if you manage to dodge it temporarily in the dream, the stress continues to plague you. Examine what major stress points you’re navigating and how to escape them.

Anxiety or Depression

Mental health conditions like anxiety and depression can also trigger this dream scenario. The vehicle accelerating toward you against your will mirrors anxious thoughts you cannot control. The dream reflects how helpless you feel against the onslaught of symptoms. Address the root causes and speak to a professional about treatment options.

Deeper Meaning of This Dream

Dreams About Almost Getting Hit By A Car

Beyond the common interpretations, your dream of almost getting mowed down by an automobile may hold deeper meaning and significance for you personally. Here are some additional interpretations to consider:

  • Reckoning with mortality – For some, this dream can symbolize a confrontation with mortality. The car rushing toward you represent the fragility of life and how it can end suddenly. Your subconscious is reminding you to appreciate each day.
  • Self-destructive behaviors – Deliberately standing in the path of the oncoming car may reflect self-destructive behaviors or tendencies toward self-harm. Your psyche is urging you to move out of harm’s way.
  • Self-sabotage – You may unconsciously undermine your own success and happiness. Letting yourself nearly get hit symbolizes self-sabotaging patterns.
  • Childhood trauma – Past trauma from childhood abuse or neglect could emerge in this dream. Getting nearly run over by an adult in a vehicle may point to issues from the past still impacting you.
  • Metaphor for relationships – Cars can symbolize relationships, with almost getting struck representing toxicity and loss of agency in unhealthy relationships.

Tips for Coping With This Dream

Having this dream can disturb your sense of safety and control. Here are some tips for coping in the aftermath:

  • Process the dream – Talk about it with trusted loved ones to help dispel negative emotions like fear and anxiety.
  • Avoid avoidance – Don’t ignore the dream’s message. Reflect on what your subconscious is warning you about.
  • Establish control – Make positive life changes to increase your sense of control. End toxic situations, practice self-care.
  • Limit driving – If driving triggers the dream, limit your time on the road and be extra vigilant.
  • Seek counseling – For recurring distressing dreams or underlying trauma, seek guidance from a therapist.
  • Shift perspective – Reframe the dream as your psyche alerting you to threats it senses. Be grateful for its protection.
  • Strengthen boundaries – Fortify your personal boundaries and learn to say no to protect your peace of mind.
  • Release fear – Don’t become paralyzed by fear and anxiety. Remind yourself it was just a dream and you have power in your life.



Dreaming about narrowly avoiding getting struck by a moving vehicle can certainly be an alarming experience. However, examining the context and interpreting the symbolism will provide clarity on the deeper meaning of this common dream scenario. Often these dreams serve as a warning to you that something in your life requires attention before it causes harm. With awareness and action, you can gain control and avoid disaster. Ultimately, this dream reveals the incredible efforts your subconscious mind undertakes to keep you safe even while you sleep.

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